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  • Longley, Dylan (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015-02-25)
    This paper explores the needs of small IT firms in Wellington related to staff recruitment and retention. It identifies the critical factors that influence the location, sourcing and matching of candidates’ and their skills ...
  • Christensen, Kyle (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015-02-25)
    Based on data published by the World Bank (2013) the ratio of market capitalisation to GDP for New Zealand (48% in 2013) is the lowest of all our counterparts who have investor protection based on the English common law ...
  • Richards, Emily (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015-02-25)
    In the post-Sarbanes-Oxley era, the actions of boards of directors around the globe are increasingly coming under scrutiny. While directors have many responsibilities, it can be argued that having adequate plans in place ...
  • Panizza, Janina (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    This research is an investigation into the scope and evaluation of corporate sponsorship relationships with performing arts organisations (PAOs). Based primarily on Relationship Theory, the aim of this research is to ...
  • Krawczyk, Jacek B; Townsend, Wilbur (2015)
    This paper examines whether changes in New Zealand income inequality can be attributed to the shares of national income taken by capital and labour. Data on income inequality aggregates both capital income (rents, interest, ...

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