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  • Ibrahim, Nadrah (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    Public housing in Kuala Lumpur was introduced by the government as a means of replacing informal settlements and providing housing for the lower income. Government subsidies often cover some of the costs of public housing ...
  • Booth, Devon (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    Delirious New Zealand proposes an alternative parliament, one that uses walls and boundaries to navigate authority and architecture. Walls are complex, they can range from a simple form of protection against elemental ...
  • Evans, Morgan (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    This thesis developed a speculative design process that sits between two streams of contemporary discourse. On one side lies ‘projective’ architecture—characterised by the elevation of performance and rejection of ...
  • Yavari, Fatemeh (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    With the rise in the number of people aged 65+ in New Zealand, it seems increasingly important that there is a supply of appropriate housing so they can remain in their communities and ‘age in place’ for as long as ...
  • Koch, Michael (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    Worldwide, drones are being employed by many industries vital to architectural and engineering practice, including territorial authorities (TAs) and councils. This is largely thanks to the breathtaking speed at which drone ...

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