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  • Caballes, Claire (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    Architecture is more than just an object, and we are more than just a subject. This commonly perceived relationship between body and architecture is the result of representation. Over time, this model has reduced common ...
  • Dey, Paul (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    Amenity values on urban arterial roads are fraught. This is largely due to the traditional traffic capacity versus amenity trade-off. This trade-off implies that high-capacity roads must be inherently deficient in amenity ...
  • Baynes, Stuart (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    The practice of fitting and making prosthetic limbs using current techniques leaves little room for innovative research and design. Though market leaders are consistently producing more advanced components, prosthetic ...
  • Svendsen, Callan (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    The mid twentieth century A-Frame chalet holds a special place in the memories of generations of New Zealanders. Reminiscent of summer and winter getaways, it is perhaps the most poignant architectural representation of ...
  • Johnson, Zackary (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    In cities like Auckland, suburban sprawl has led to the introduction of extensive elevated motorways that create barriers and cuts across the ordering elements of the city. Urban planner Roger Trancik refers to the areas ...

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