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  • Braasch, Elzine (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    This study investigated the question of whether or not the distributed model method (DMM) could be perceived by the New Zealand building industry’s architects and engineers as overcoming barriers which prevent them from ...
  • Dubbeld, Joshua (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    Increasing population and changing family demographics are driving the need for new and more sustainable housing solutions. Medium-density housing is recognised as a sustainable approach to accommodate future growth ...
  • Dromgool, Edward (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    Forty thousand men on the coastline of Alang, India, dismantle a large portion of the world’s discarded ships in a process referred to as shipbreaking. The discarded vessels are dismantled piece by piece, with no more than ...
  • Miller, Aaron (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    Timber pallets are too often discarded as waste after their shipping lives. If not rescued for upcycling pallets end up in landfills or burnt for firewood which can release harmful chemicals. There is an opportunity in ...
  • Lawrie, Alicia (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    Whangarei City has a dying Commercial Centre. This has resulted from population shifts that have occurred over time. Significant issues have driven movement of people toward much larger cities (seeking better economic, ...

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