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Recent Submissions

  • Aerotopia 
    Ho, Ka Hei (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    Air travel and retail are two inseparable elements at any airport. Airports provide people traffic and perfect retail landscape for all sorts of retailers for passengers with an excessive amount of dwell time. Retail ...
  • Pomigalova, Marina (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    This thesis advocates for unconventional solutions in architecture, arguing that traditional approaches may no longer be successful within contemporary realities. Through searching for answers and inspiration within ...
  • Woodward, Emma (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    More than half of all humanity now live in urban centres. In westerns counties generally at least 80% of people’s time is spent indoors. This means that people are spending less time outside and in places that can be ...
  • Nicholson, Zac (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    Tauranga is a growing city with a dying heart. A pattern of neglect over recent years has left the downtown ‘dying’ and ‘unsustainable’. The same is perceived of the institution of the public library. Public buildings are ...
  • Penn, Philip (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    This research tested the new LCAQuick Residential, a computer-based analysis tool developed by BRANZ (available from This tool is designed to allow the ready preparation of a LCA at an early point in the ...

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