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Recent Submissions

  • Creswell-Wells, Tavis (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    “One of the most basic and fundamental questions in urban master planning and building regulations is ‘how to secure common access to sun, light and fresh air?” (Stromann-Andersen & Sattrup, 2011). Daylighting and natural ...
  • Cheng, Lu (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    Living quality and experience in medium or higher density student housing in Wellington is suffering from the inconsiderate internal spaces and underutilised common areas. The aim of this design-led research thesis is to ...
  • Huang, Henry (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    Many Pacific Island communities face having to leave their homeland to other countries due to effects of climate change, extreme weather events, rising sea levels and the subsequent economic impacts. Tokelau, a country ...
  • Alsaif, Fatimah Mohammed (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    Learning environments are important spaces because these are where primary school children spend many hours. These environments can vary from single cell classrooms to modern open plan learning studios. As the design of ...
  • Leah, Adele Louise (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    This thesis set out to form a bridge between the disciplines of architectural history, social and women’s history, building technology and environmental assessment, by investigating changes to existing houses over time and ...

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