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Recent Submissions

  • Bennett, James Edward (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    This thesis discusses the traditional use of (computer numerically controlled) CNC machining and the role of a designer to control the manipulation of (computer aided manufacturing) CAM software, CNC data and materials. ...
  • Paterson, Matthew (Victoria University of Wellington, 2012)
    The application of aesthetics and techniques from photography into computer generated images leads audiences to read images of a virtual space similarly to images of a physical space. This phenomenon has allowed for a ...
  • Stewart, Earl (Victoria University of Wellington, 2013)
    The digital revolution described by Neil Gershenfeld is bringing about the age of Personal Fabrication, where manufacturing is becoming personal, enabling new creative freedom to design objects that are specifi c to the ...
  • Shen, Lili (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    Serenity is a computer generated ink-wash animated short in which the traditional aesthetics meets the new media. I combined theoretical research and physical experiment to convey a peaceful pleasant feeling with subtle ...
  • Crowe, Meredith (Victoria University of Wellington, 2013)
    The theory of dwelling is a valuable topic for media designers to explore in order to further our understanding of the connection individuals make with designs. This research suggests that to promote dwelling successfully, ...

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