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Recent Submissions

  • Lockyer, Orin (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    School to work transitions is often presented as a binary choice. You either pursue a university education that is framed as a sure-fire pathway to both social and economic mobility, or you pursue a ‘lesser’ form of ...
  • Cody, John (Victoria University of Wellington, 2011)
    The thesis begins to integrate some contemporary theorising in sociology, frameworks for explaining social disparities in population health, disciplines from System Dynamics modelling, and, D.D. Heckathorn’s model of ‘The ...
  • Fraser, Sara (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    This research looks at the way LGBT people live in university Halls of Residence at Victoria University of Wellington. I research homophobia, heteronormativity, bullying and its effects, including suicidality and how this ...
  • Bonisch-Brednich, Brigitte (Victoria University of WellingtonVictoria University of WellingtonVictoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    My first childhood memories circle around listening to stories, being intensely interested in people and their storytelling. Having grown up in a German-Silesian refugee family network meant that storytelling was part of ...
  • Bhim, Geetanjali (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    There has been a considerable increase in the use of preventive sentencing in New Zealand since the mid-1980s. It has become widely accepted across Western society that preventive sentencing and supervision regimes are ...

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