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Recent Submissions

  • Bomann, Grace (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    Due to its abundance and low-cost, carbon dioxide is a desirable C₁-building block within organic transformations. However, the thermodynamic and kinetic stability of CO₂ often necessitates preliminary activation before ...
  • Stirrat, Hedley (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    Natural products continue to be an abundant source of lead compounds for drug discovery and development. (–)-TAN-2483A and (–)-TAN-2483B, isolated from the culture of a filamentous fungus, incorporate an unusual ...
  • Majic, Matt (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    This thesis deals with solutions to Laplace's equation in 3D, finding new relationships between solutions, manipulating these to find new approaches to physical problems, and proposing a new class of solutions. We mainly ...
  • Service, Erin (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    Metal halide perovskites (ABX₃) represent an important class of materials with respect to optoelectronic applications such as photovoltaic and light-emitting devices. In this thesis, modification of these materials was ...
  • Weatherall, Eva (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    Tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS) is a particle-by-particle analysis technique combining the Coulter principle with size-tunable pores. TRPS can be used to characterize biological and synthetic particles 50 nm - 20 ...

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