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Recent Submissions

  • Cheah, Chun Yee (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    Graphene, consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms, is being widely studied for its interesting fundamental physics and potential applications. The presence and extent of disorder play important roles in determining ...
  • Harker, Liam (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    The early stages of development for new advanced technologies are notoriously difficult to navigate and manage effectively in such a way that leads to successful commercial application. This paper explores how the use of ...
  • Hatami, Hani (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    In the last few years, two dimensional crystals have become available for experimental studies. Good examples of such systems are monolayers and bilayers of graphene and monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides such ...
  • Middleton, Ayla Penelope (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    Optically active organic chromophores have attracted much interest in recent years for their potential for use in photonic devices. Chromophores such as compound (1) have been found to have a very high second order nonlinear ...
  • van den Kerkhof, Lia Catherine (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    Photon upconversion is a process by which lower energy photons are converted to higher energy photons, which can be achieved by the interaction of two triplet excited states. This process holds potential for wavelength ...

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