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  • Molyneaux, Lance (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    Despite increased safety and improved technology in the mining industry, fatal disasters still occur. Robots have the potential to be an invaluable resource for search and rescue teams to scout dangerous or difficult ...
  • Robinson, Callum (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    MARVIN (Mobile Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Indoor Navigation) was once the flagship of Victoria University’s mobile robotic fleet. However, over the years MARVIN has become obsolete. This thesis continues the the ...
  • Lewis, John (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    Movie and game production is very laborious, frequently involving hundreds of person-years for a single project. At present this work is difficult to fully automate, since it involves subjective and artistic judgments. Broadly ...
  • Ghifary, Muhammad (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    Machine learning has achieved great successes in the area of computer vision, especially in object recognition or classification. One of the core factors of the successes is the availability of massive labeled image or ...
  • Williams, Henry (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    One of the biggest challenges facing robotics is the ability for a robot to autonomously navigate real-world unknown environments and is considered by many to be a key prerequisite of truly autonomous robots. Autonomous ...

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