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  • Williams, Henry (Victoria University of Wellington, 2016)
    One of the biggest challenges facing robotics is the ability for a robot to autonomously navigate real-world unknown environments and is considered by many to be a key prerequisite of truly autonomous robots. Autonomous ...
  • Anderson, Craig (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    In this thesis, a method for the design and implementation of a spatially robust multichannel microphone beamforming system is presented. A set of spatial correlation functions are derived for 2D and 3D far-field/near-field ...
  • Carnegie, Kieran (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    Virtual Reality (VR) applications on Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) are now more common and accessible for personal viewing than before with the introduction of consumer-level devices like the Oculus Rift. However, exposure ...
  • Yu, Yang (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    Web service composition has become a promising technique to build powerful enterprise applications by making use of distributed services with different functions. In the age of big data, more and more web services are ...
  • Jin, Wenyu (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
    It is desirable for people sharing a physical space to access different multimedia information streams simultaneously. For a good user experience, the interference of the different streams should be held to a minimum. This ...

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