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  • Snater, Melissa (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    Research has indicated that weakening people’s belief in free will may likewise weaken their belief in moral responsibility and potentially license them to morally transgress. Recent studies in social psychology suggest ...
  • Simpson, Hannah (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    “Epistemic injustice” is a fairly new concept in philosophy, which, loosely speaking, describes a kind of injustice that occurs at the intersection of structures of the social world and knowledge. While the concept was ...
  • Johnson, Sean (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    Double prevention is often mentioned in the causation literature but is not often discussed in depth. In this thesis my primary goal is to take a deep look at double prevention and evaluate one place it has been put to ...
  • Enright, Sophia (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    Why is Testimony important? The field of testimony is a sub-discipline of the study of epistemology, the study of how we come to know things. Existing literature on testimony mainly focuses on face-to-face interactions. ...
  • Boddy, Rachel (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    The New Female Coterie was a group of disgraced upper-class women in the late eighteenth century traditionally dismissed as ‘scandalous’, ‘fallen’ or victims. This thesis re-evaluates these women, exploring the ways in ...

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