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  • Lam, Yin Cheung (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    This thesis examines how Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia sought to articulate attitudes towards refugee protection during the Indochinese and Rohingya refugee crises. While countries in Southeast ...
  • Van Hulst, Chrissy (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    In 2015 Daniel Korman published an incredibly important book called Objects: Nothing out of the ordinary, in which he defends a position known as conservatism about ordinary objects. He contrasts this position with two ...
  • Bennett, Vernon (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    Small states are perceived as lacking military power. Nevertheless, most maintain military forces. Given their shortfalls in power and capacity what choices do small states make about maintaining military forces and what ...
  • Lobrot, Sarah (Victoria University of Wellington, 2010)
    The aim of this thesis is to examine the discursive practices that have arisen from gender training in peace operations with the following research questions: “how is the discourse of ‘gender-awareness’ constructed through ...
  • Leniston-Lee, Gareth (Victoria University of Wellington, 2013)
    There is a close structural parallel between the way we talk about time and the way we talk about modality (i.e. matters of possibility, necessity, actuality etc.). A consequence of this is that whenever we construct a ...

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