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  • Ngāwhare-Pounamu, Dennis (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    The Travelling Mountain Narrative is the origin myth of Taranaki maunga and the foundation on which Taranaki tribal tradition and identity is constructed. The story pattern of the Travelling Mountain Narrative relates the ...
  • Marzukhi, Syahaneim (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    This thesis introduces a Three-Cornered Coevolution System that is capable of addressing classification tasks through coevolution (coadaptive evolution) where three different agents (i.e. a generation agent and two ...
  • Welsh, Michael (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    A rank-r simple matroid is maximum-sized in a class if it has the largest number of elements out of all simple rank-r matroids in that class. Maximum-sized matroids have been classified for various classes of matroids: ...
  • Díaz-Guisado, Daniela (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    Marine reserves (MRs) have been established in many parts of the globe for a variety of reasons and there is an increasing body of evidence that indicates they provide a wide range of benefits that can extend beyond their ...
  • Chote, Paul Robin Brian (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    This thesis describes a practical programme that focused on CCD photometry of pulsating white dwarf (WD) stars. The first part of this thesis describes the development of two high-speed CCD photometer instruments and their ...

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