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Recent Submissions

  • Oldfield, Alex (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    The aim of this thesis is to look at how and why the siren is featured in Classical Attic cemeteries and how its mythical characteristics lead to its appropriateness in such a context. The exact origins of the siren are ...
  • Woods, Elle Laura (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    In his study Nirvana and Other Buddhist Felicities; Utopias of the Pali Imaginaire, Steven Collins aptly argues that as society transitioned from the nomadic to the agrarian, imaginaires were constructed to provide ideological ...
  • Goldsmith, Susette (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    Aotearoa New Zealand began considering the preservation of some of its colonial buildings in the early twentieth century. Along with the buildings, and mostly by default, came their associated curtilage. This thesis asserts ...
  • Soper, Catherine Elizabeth (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    This thesis is both, an examination of tulkus’ use of cyberspace (with a particular focus on social media); and a methodological experiment. In this thesis I construct a framework for examining tulkus’ use of social media ...
  • Nicholls-Parker, Joanna (Victoria University of Wellington, 2014)
    The subject of this thesis is the spiritual practices taught by Gurdjieff (1870-1949) and the legacy of these teachings in the major spiritual groups that have aspired to follow his path. I argue that at the core of these ...

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