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Recent Submissions

  • Probert, Andrew (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    Bodlaender et al. [7] proved a converse to Courcelle's Theorem for graphs [15] for the class of chordal graphs of bounded treewidth. Hliněný [25] generalised Courcelle's Theorem for graphs to classes of matroids represented ...
  • Critchlow, William (Victoria University of Wellington, 2018)
    This thesis is inspired by the observation that we have no good random model for matroids. That stands in contrast to graphs, which admit a number of elegant random models. As a result we have relatively little understanding ...
  • Brown, Patrick (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    In cricket, the better an individual batsman or batting partnership performs, the more likely the team is to win. Quantifying batting performance is therefore fundamental to help with in-game decisions, to optimise team ...
  • Perrott, Alexander (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    In this thesis we focus on identically self-dual matroids and their minors. We show that every sparse paving matroid is a minor of an identically self-dual sparse paving matroid. The same result is true if the property ...
  • Jury, Nicholas (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017)
    Drug use takes on many forms, normally this will be just the occasional alcoholic drink, certain individuals drug use develops into habitual use, or more extreme drugs, and then into full addiction. Some of these addicted ...

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