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Recent Submissions

  • Risos, Alexander (Victoria University of Wellington, 2021)
    Monitoring of hydrocarbon oxidation is of great importance in many industry applications and reliable in-situ measurements are a challenge. In literature, it was shown that new versus degraded hydrocarbons show a change ...
  • Meijlink, Michael Alan (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    Azasugars [e.g., 1-deoxy-aza-xylopyranose (1) Figure 1] are structural analogues of sugars [e.g., α-D-xylopyranose (2)] where the ring oxygen is substituted by a nitrogen atom. The resemblance of azasugars to their ...
  • Skinner, Victoria (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    1-Deoxymannojirimycin (DMJ) has been investigated as a potential anti-cancer therapy due to its specific inhibition of class I α-mannosidase enzymes, which has been shown to trigger ER stress and the Unfolded Protein ...
  • Taufa, Taitusi (Victoria University of WellingtonVictoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    This thesis describes the isolation and structure elucidation of 15 new secondary metabolites from Tongan and New Zealand marine sponges. A total of 18 sponge specimens were subjected to an NMR-based screening method, of ...
  • Pitman, Kira (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    In this thesis, the first steps in creating a realisable spin-injection transistor using ferromagnetic semiconductor electrodes are detailed. A spin-injection device utilising the ferromagnetic semiconductor gadolinium ...

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