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  • Dormer, Rodney; Jahan, Mosammet Asma (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    Purpose This paper asks what evidence is provided, in the annual reports of New Zealand’s central government departments, of the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance. Approach This study reviewed performance ...
  • Read, Ellis Louise (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    This study sits at the intersection of research on mental wellbeing, masculinity and higher education. Men’s mental wellbeing has been a focal point for academic research in recent years, as has the mental wellbeing of ...
  • Cao, Xinyue (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    There is well-documented research on tourism motivation in tourism literature. But till now, there is limited research of tourist motivation on Chinese youth travel group, who is so-called the Chinese post-90s generation. ...
  • Pandey, Saloni (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    In this ever-changing business world, the role of HR has become significantly imperative due to the increasing focus on aligning people of the organisation with the overall business strategy, particularly in an era when ...
  • Mann, Dominik (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    Designing and strategically developing viable business models is vital for value creation and capture and in turn for the survival and performance of entrepreneurial ventures. However, the widely held firm-centric and ...

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