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  • Whitham, Samantha (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    Film and television (TV) have been a way to view unthinkable worlds for many years. Physical props are a fundamental part of many films as they help to portray the story in the real world, which results in a more believable ...
  • Sirikhanchai, Sandi (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    New Zealand’s energy and electricity system is likely to undergo serious changes with climate change and the decarbonisation of the grid playing a significant role. Research in New Zealand around flexibly managing the ...
  • Aliashkevich, Anton (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    During the social transformation in the 1950’s through to the late 1980’s, thousands of Khrushchyovka* were built in Moscow to cater for the social housing demand after the war. After nearly 70 years of occupation these ...
  • Azhar, Jasim (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    A city’s spatial environment emerges from the ongoing negotiation between the constructed environment, urban processes, and bodily experience. Many spaces do not represent a static notion but are continually challenged and ...
  • Schubach, Trevon (Victoria University of Wellington, 2019)
    In today’s society the priority of work and careers has resulted in highly stressful environments. In the twenty-first century the tendency of inflated urban centres has encouraged people to move to the cities and as the ...

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