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Recent Submissions

  • Greenbank, Emma (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    Eruptions through crater lakes or shallow sea water, known as Subaqueous or Surtseyan eruptions, are some of the most dangerous eruptions in the world. These eruptions can cause tsunamis, lahars and base surges, but the ...
  • Patel, Ankit (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    This doctoral thesis examines the multivariate nature of sporting performances, expressed as performance on context specific tasks, to develop a novel framework for constructing sport-based rating systems, also referred ...
  • Carson, Benjamin (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    A single fault process model was created to test the sensitivity of each TOUGH2 rock parameter on the convection flow rate and fluid enthalpy within a simulated fault. With a fixed temperature base the single fault process ...
  • Jose, Meenu Mariya (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    There are distinct differences between classes of matroids that are closed under principal extensions and those that are not Finite-field-representable matroids are not closed under principal extensions and they exhibit ...
  • Dawson, Ellis (Victoria University of Wellington, 2020)
    We investigate strongly graded C*-algebras. We focus on graph C*-algebras and explore the connection between graph C*-algebras and Leavitt path algebras, both of which are $\Z$-graded. It is known that a graphical condition ...

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